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Mensing Construction is the bedrock of innovative construction solutions, embodying a legacy of meticulous craftsmanship blended with the agility of modern techniques. Our ethos is built around the community we serve, ensuring every project under our helm contributes to the infrastructure and vitality of Minnesota. We’re not just builders; we’re pioneers shaping landscapes and futures. Our team members are the architects of our reputation, equipped with the finest tools and supported by a culture of safety, learning, and integrity. Joining Mensing means becoming part of a lineage that values every hand’s work and every mind’s idea.

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At Mensing Construction, your career trajectory is propelled by more than just the daily tasks at hand. Here, personal growth and professional development are interwoven into our operational fabric. We recognize the individual strengths of our employees, nurturing them with tailored development programs and opportunities for advancement. Mensing stands out as an employer of choice in Minnesota for its competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits, and unwavering commitment to work-life balance. Our investment in your success is demonstrated through continuous training, a collaborative work environment, and a leadership that listens.

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Blue Earth Underground Utility Solutions

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